Hey , welcome you all to my blog. I’m shanesh dimantha.I’m in the final quarter of completing my college degree in physiotherapy.

off roading is my passion.When doing off-roading , all ways I try to do experiments with vehicles and different terrains. I try to find the best way to beat the terrain.

Off roading is a very fun outdoor activity.In my free time I research all over the internet  about off-roading using 4WD and how to be a pro in it. I still know I’m learning new things from my every off roading trip. So according to my vision learning is also a journey ,not a destination.

In this blog as a fellow off roader ,I’m trying to share with you correct and practical off-roading  techniques, my experiences and tips for your next off roading journey. so stay tuned with me. I like to hear your off-roading experiences also.
Have fun and safe off-roading !!