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Can off-road tires be used on road?

Well, this is a question that can cause so many conflicts among some off-roaders due to various reasons. Don’t worry buddies.

I also have had so many doubts while finding the perfect tire set for my off-roading truck. So I’m also excited to share with you my findings. Let’s dive into it.

Yes off-roading tires can be used on the road. Off roading tires/ mud tires have deep tread patterns on tires and treads on side walls to give extra traction.

Because of that, they make huge noises on pavement and wear out fast. Ride feels rough and vehicle handling is low at high speeds.

But there are new mud tires like Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT, rides smooth on roads and give best traction on off roads.

So there are many things we should consider before using them on pavements.


Why may off-roaders need to be considered about Tires ?

As like in my case you may use your off-roading truck frequently on the pavement as well as in mud on off-roads.

So you may need to consider the ability to drive on both pavement as well as off the pavement when choosing your tire set.

There’s another group of jeep owners who have this question because they just need those tires to make their jeep look aggressive and lifted.

They don’t engage much in off-roading. They just want to get the look of the jeep in that they also have the above question.

So both of you guys can take the knowledge that you need to choose the perfect tire set, from this post.

Why are most off-roading tires may not suitable for use on highways ?

When talking about off road tires there are Mud terrain tires (M/T) and All terrain tires (A/T) in the market.

Mud terrain tires

If we use normal mud terrain tires on the pavement, really it doesn’t give us a smooth driving.

It feels like lugging in slow speeds. At high speeds these tires make somewhat huge noise, feel rough and are a bit uncontrollable.

The reason behind those features are the hardness of the material and special tread patterns that are specifically designed to dig through mud and get the best grip to move forward.

Tread patterns have large blocks with wide deep voids. Those voids make the most of the noise from tires on pavement.

But they are really helpful when crawling on mud, sand and slippery places.


On normal warm days braking is equal to normal road tires. But when it comes to wet, these wheels are not going to make it as at least normal street tires.

Other special things of M/T on pavements

If it’s winter and highways have tightly packed ice, never ever drive with these tyres. They can’t keep the traction.

But in loose snow that the wheel is cut down to get the grip it works well with these tires.

When taking bends while driving, these tires maintain a better grip with the road due to the enhanced side walls.

These tires tend to wear out easily and decrease the fuel efficiency also on the highways.

All terrain tires

These tyres are designed to be compatible with both on and off the pavement.

Practically it gives more comfort ride in pavement than mud terrain tires and somewhat low traction in mud than mud terrain tires.

But these tires are far better than normal street tires on other off-roading terrains like snow, ice and sand.

Unlike mud terrain tires, these tires have smaller blocks in tread pattern and narrow voids. That gives you the more controllability, comfort riding and low noise on highways.

Cornering is also good as mud terrain tires due to tough side walls.

What is the  perfect tire option for you in your case?

So far I think you got a basic idea on the things you have to be concerned about, when using off-roading tires on highways. According to your needs you can choose a tire set from mud terrains or all terrains.

If you are driving your truck mostly on muddy off-roading terrains and less on pavements you can go for a set of mud terrain tires. It will solve your case.

But if you run mostly on highways and sometimes you tackle off roads then you can go for a set of all terrain tires.

But I’ve had another option for you. If you are not tackling snow or ice with your jeep, there are new mud terrain tires that are manufactured with using new technology.

They do not give you a harsh feeling of driving like traditional mud terrain tyres and also surprisingly they do not make the huge noise on highways that are made by traditional mud terrain tyres.

They will drive smoothly and quietly similar to street tires but giving all the capabilities of mud terrain tires. Those tires are as follows.

  1. The Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT tire
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2. Kumho Road Venture M/T KL71 tire

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3. The Cooper Discoverer STT PRO Tire

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This last option will come handy with the third group of people I’ve mentioned at the start of the post.

If you are one of them who is searching for a set of tires to make your jeep look aggressive on the streets, you can go for one of the above three tire options according to your budget.

Have fun and safe off-roading !!  

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