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Do snow chains work in the mud?

Yes, Snow chains can be used in mud to get more traction. Normally we are stuck in mud or snow, because tire treads are filled with that snow or mud and lose traction.

Speed of spinning wheels cleans those mud or snow. Snow chains grip the terrain and give the extra traction needed, when tyre treads are filled with snow.

In general usage these chains are called snow chains because they are often used by drivers in snow conditions. But the best name for these chains are tire chains.

That means they come handy in different terrains other than the snow, when tyres need more traction to move on.

In this short article I’m going to take you through important things you should know if you’re gonna deal with tyre chains in mud. So move on.


Is it effective to use tyre chains in mud ?

There are some conflicts on this topic. But without any doubt there’s a good effect when using tyre chains than without using them when wheels need more traction.

But that may not tell you that tyre chains can take you out of any tough situation.

It says that it can increase the traction rather than without having them.

Chains can improve the grip of a street tyre through a slippery surface. In numbers if normal tyres have a grip value of 100 , mud tyres will increase it to 150 and wheel chains can increase it to about 400.

I think you get the idea better.

Where can you use wheel chains and cannot use them ?

Other than snow you can use on muddy slippery surfaces, steep gravel hills, boggy areas, black sticky muds and situations where you cannot winch your vehicle due to practical concerns.

Let’s assume that you have to go through a track of 1mile that has sticky muddy ruts. It’s not practical to winch your vehicle along that 1mile.

In those situations wheel chains come to save you. You can attach wheel chains and drive your vehicle without lots of troubles along that 1 mile.

But never ever try to use them on sand thinking for getting more traction.

It will dig your wheels through sand like a chainsaw and trap you in place. Wheels chains are not for sand trails.

How to use wheel chains properly to beat muddy terrains ?

Legal conditions.

Wheel chains bite the surface with the help of the weight of your vehicle and find the grip to move your vehicle.

That means wheel chains may damage the ground. So that in some areas (like national parks etc.) do not allow to use wheel chains for off-roaders.

Because of that before using, check about the legal conditions of using wheel chains according to the area you are going to use them.

Attach wheel chains early.

If above things are alright, attach wheel chains before you bogged in mud or entered a slippery area or steep.

But do not use them on pavements. It will cause damage to your wheels and pavement both.

It may cause damage to some parts of your vehicle also if they are used for long distances on pavements.

Attaching wheel chains before entering the slippery or muddy area is a good practice.

Otherwise you may have to face troubles in jacking your vehicle to lift the wheel for attaching wheel chains in struggling with mud.

Maneuver slowly.

In mud or slippery areas, after attaching wheel chains try to drive at low speeds.

There may have indicated the maximum speed limits by the manufacturer of relevant wheel chains.

Check that out on users manual. Normally it’s around  30 – 50 kmph (20 – 30 mph) maximum.

Tyres with wheel chains tend to make more heat increasing the temperature of tyres and chains.

With the increase of speed, heat production increases more. So it can result in damaging your tyres , breaking of wheel chains and may cause more complications.

Drive in low gears with minimal throttle then you are good to go.

It causes less damage to ground than spinning your wheels without chains and also saves your vehicle from damages.

Take off  them when you don’t need extra traction

Use them only when you need more traction and take off them after using it.

As mentioned earlier running with wheel chains on hard surfaces like pavements, driving high speeds with wheel chains attached for longer periods of time may not be good.

If you use them wisely they will give you huge support to overcome many tough situations easily.

Keep in mind to add a pair of wheel chains to your off-roading tool kit.

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Have fun and safe off-roading !!

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