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How to Secure Your Dog in Jeep Wrangler | Tips and Accessories

Now you are reading this article because you want to ride your best friend in your wrangler, right?  

Ok I’m going to tell you what you need, to protect your buddy in the jeep and few tips to travel with him/her safely in your jeep.

You can select one of the following accessories to secure your dog inside a jeep wrangler.

Midwest Ultima Pro Double Door Folding Dog Crate

EZY dog chest plate harness 

Dirty Dog 4×4 Pet Divider

For a top off jeep; Redrock 4×4 cargo wrap around net 

Active Pet Hammock for Dogs 

Pet Backseat Auto Zip Line with Leash

Steps you can take to protect your dog in the jeep differs according to your dog. Especially with the size of the dog and more or less with it’s behaviour. 

In this guide I`ll try to add all the safety steps and accessories you can use to protect dogs of any size, in a top on and top off jeep also.

If I had missed something please mention them in the comment section, it will help to protect someone’s best friend!!


Tip #1 – Train your buddy

Apart from everything this is a must if your dog has never traveled in a vehicle. It’s better to take your buddy for a few short rides in your jeep, before a long trip. 

You can ride with him slowly on dirt roads and observe how he reacts. With that you can take an idea on how much protection he needs in the jeep.

Risk factors

Even if you feel like your dog can ride with you, without any special equipment, I thoroughly advise you it’s not safe for your dog as well as you and your passengers.

Experts estimated that if a car crashes at a speed of 40 km/h (25 mph), an unrestrained dog can develop projection forces 40 times that of its weight.

(Source ; website)

That means even if you don’t think, your pet can get serious injuries like spinal cord injuries because of your carelessness.

No one hopes for a car crash but anything can happen on the road! So be careful. 

Tip #2 – Select the best possible way to restrain your dog inside

Dog crate:

Dog, crate
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According to vet experts one of the best methods to travel a dog in a vehicle is using a Dog crate.

When buying a dog crate it’s necessary to find out how safe that is for your buddy first and the strength and durability of it.

Suitable for

Crates are suitable for any size of a relaxed and confident dog from small size to large size.

As a jeep owner you can put any size of crate in your wrangler cargo area.

How to settle

It’s important to find the right size crate for your dog. It should not be too large than your dog because that can cause accidents to your dog when travelling in it. 

But the crate must be large enough to stand and turn your dog inside it.

Put the crate in the cargo area or on the back seat of the jeep with a secure way.

Best dog crate choices

I had found the 3 best crates for your dog regarding safety and durability.

Top pick 

Midwest Ultima Pro Double Door Folding Dog Crate

Dog, crate,midwest, ultimapro
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Midwest is a trusted name among dog owners for years with their product quality. 

This ultima pro is the sturdiest and durable crate for any size of dog. It has a range of sizes that will be suitable for any size of dog.

The cool thing for dog travellers is it’s folding ability. This can be folded up to a briefcase style rectangle and put aside easily without consuming a lot of space.

Made with a tight grid of thick wires. There’s an easily cleanable bottom pan that can’t be damaged by the claws of your dog.

There’s a divider panel in this dog that is important for crate training of your dog.

This will last for years with it’s durability.

Best budget option

Midwest Life Stages Double Door Folding Dog Crate

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Life stage crate is like an alternative for ultima pro. This may be a bit cheaper than ultima pro.

But the thing is it’s wire grid is not durable like the ultima pro. 

Still it stands up among the other crates with it’s thick wire grid. If your budget is tight you can go for this.

If your dog is not staying calm in a crate, these wires may be able to bend with the time unlike the ultima pro.

Also great

Petmate Sky Kennel

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Sky kennel is specifically designed for dog travelling. It is made with a heavy duty plastic body and metal screws and wires. 

Wire opening gives enough ventilation openings while a heavy duty plastic body makes your pet a secure place to relax.

Be aware about the internal size of these crates, because the size may be much lesser than seeing from the outside.

Unlike in cars jeeps have more than enough space to keep a dog crate. But if you put them on the rear seat make sure crates are properly with your dog. 

If you can’t secure a crate inside the jeep properly think about the next dog saving options in a wrangler.

Dog Harness seat belt:

Next secure recommended way of securing a dog inside the jeep is using dog harness seat belts.

The harness keeps your dog in place with a strap that plugs into the seat belt.

Suitable for

Even if your dog is large or small, a dog harness seat belt is a suitable option for securing it inside the jeep. Best for calm behaved dogs.

How to settle

First fit a crash tested harness to your dog.

Then attach crash tested carabiner to both waist and shoulder seat belts.

Finally attach crash tested carabiner to the harness back strap.

Best dog harness seat belts choices

There are a hell lot of dog seat belt options in the market. But only few of them are in the best quality when going to use them.

When choosing a dog seat belt harness better to check the quality standards with crash testings. 

I found 3 good dog seat belt harness options for your wrangler. My top pick is the overall best option.

If your budget is tight,as the best budget option I suggest you the second one. 

If you have a small puppy, as a bonus option I would suggest the third one.

But both first and second options are suitable for large and small size dogs. 

Top pick

Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness

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Crash tested using federal motor vehicle safety standards


Great as a car harness and as a walking harness

Lifetime warranty

– May not easy to put on

Best budget option

EZY dog drive harness

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+ Easy quick onetime fit 

+ Durable and crash tested

+ Ergonomic molded chest plate  

Bit pricey option but well built and secure your friend properly. Have good user reviews with the safety and durability of this harness.

Also great

ZuGoPet Dog Harness( for small dogs)

This is one of the harnesses that were certified by the Center for Pet Safety. Durable and safe harness option.

But some dog owners and animal welfare agencies criticized this harness being as cruel.

Because the dog require to strapped upright (like sitting position) with it’s back tight against the seat. 

High price tag and only suitable for small size dogs.

Dog guards nets/ spiderweb shade around cargo area

This is a popular dog travelling method among jeepers.

Can use this method with even top off jeeps same as previous dog securing methods. 

Some people don’t like the cargo net. They can go with webshades to secure the area of your dog.

Suitable for

Can travel any size of dog using guard nets. Mostly suitable for dogs who love to see around while moving. 

How to settle

You should keep in mind to fit the nets properly around the cargo area.

Avoid accidentally knocking out of the position of cargo net attachments.

Better to follow the instructions provided with the guard to set it up properly.

Best cargo net choices (for hard top and soft top jeeps)

4×4 Pet Divider; Mounts Behind Front Seats

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Fits for 2007 – 2020 wrangler JK, JL and Gladiator

Mounts behind the front seats

Black polypropylene webbing

Easy installation. No drilling required.

Specially designed for pet barriers behind the front seats.

4×4 Rear Pet Divider

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This is the same as the above pet divider but it is designed for fitting behind the rear seats. 

Both of the above nets will prevent the dog flying to the front in a sudden braking or crash.

Top off jeep wranglers.

For a top off jeep below options are available. You can fit a 3 piece netting kit around the area or if you want to cover the cargo area completely (including the top) for more safety you can check the below cargo wrap around kit.

4×4 , 3 piece netting kit / full netting kit

For those who don’t like the cargo nets, but want to secure your dog in the cargo area when top off, you can check the below web shade.

Spiderweb shade cage for jk /jl

Spiderwebshade, jeep
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Back seat Hammock


Suitable for

This is not the best way to travel a dog in the jeep. But an older/ calm dog will travel in the jeep with comfort on a back seat hammock.

How to settle

Lay the quilted side on the back seat and insert the anchors between the back and base of the seat.

Then attach the fasteners to the front and rear headrest.

Pet Hammock for Dogs 

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waterproof and durable  

3 ways to use this cover (hammock,   bench, cargo cover)

4 adjustable clips to keep the hammock securely in place

Velcro openings to plug seat belts through the cover

Non slip rubber backing keeps cover in place


Pet Backseat Auto Zip Line with Leash

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This is also another low price option you can use to limit your pet travel and secure dog in the rear of your jeep.

But can’t ensure the safety of them in a jeep crash. Better to attach conjunction with a dog harness. 

Extra accessories

I thought it would be helpful for you to show a few extra accessories before ending this article.

These things may make your life easier as a jeep and dog owner.

Non-Slip Pet Ramp

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If you have found that your buddy is fighting to get into your jeep’s trunk, this is great equipment to have.

Especially for lifted jeep owners, jeepers who have injured or old dogs may need this. 

This is a non-slip, foldable and lightweight ramp.

Supports upto 200lbs max weight capacity

Easy to clean.

Door panel guard

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If you don’t need to scratch your door panels to the claws of your buddy, this is the cheap but cool solution for that.

This is a door guard that made a barrier between your dog and jeep interior.

Made with waterproof fabric. With this you get a large extra storage area because of the pouches in them.

Cargo Liner for Dogs

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After outdoor fun with your dog, lots of mud and debrises comes into the jeep with your four legs friend. 

Rather than wasting a lot of time cleaning your jeep interior, you can fit a floor liner in your jeep.

I specifically recommend this Lloyd cargo mat, because it’s easy to clean and durable rubber manufacturing. 

Not only for your dog rides, 

This gives maximum floor protection for those nasty dirty weekend projects and trips to the home improvement centers.

Below are 5 more tips to consider for a safe journey with your best friend in your jeep.

Bonus Tips

Tip #3 – should have plenty of stops

Tip #4 – Don’t feed the dog while moving the vehicle

Tip #5 – Exercise your dog before long trip

Tip #6 – Careful about the temperature in the jeep

Tip #7- Don’t let the dog to hang out of the windows

If you think this guide may be helpful for another jeeping dog mum or dad, share this with them. You just have to hit a share button below and it may save another four legs friend someday!!

Have a fun and safe journey with your paws!!

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