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Can a Jeep Wrangler Be a Daily Driver? | Let’s Find-Out

Jeep wrangler is a legendary name in the off-roading field. Due to it’s huge capability of handling tough off roading terrains with ease and reliability, jeep had been able to save it’s name in the top of the list.

But is a jeep any good for use as a day to day commuter? Is it comfortable for city driving? 

Does a jeep come with luxury features to use it as a daily driver?

Yes, the Jeep Wrangler can be used as a daily driver, it’s not limited for tough off roading terrains. Now jeeps come with all the common options a daily driver car has, like AC, power steering, power mirrors and shutters, back up cameras, infotainment system, digital displays in meter panel and many more to ease the daily driving experience.


Is a jeep easy to use for daily city driving?

This is a common question among lots of people who love to own a jeep. Because most of us are not frequent off roaders. 

So when going to buy a vehicle, it’s essential to find out how feasible that vehicle is for a day to day commuter.

When it comes to jeep wranglers, yes, jeep wranglers are easy to use as a daily commuter and there are many people using it for daily commuting. 

But as usual there are some downsides also you should have to consider, before choosing a wrangler as a daily driver.

One thing is Gas mileage. As an average range jeep wrangler has a MPG of 19 – 22 on city and highways. 

This is around 8 – 9.3 kilometers per liter mileage. This will not be a good gas mileage for a daily driver. But this is a 4WD vehicle.

That extra transfer case weight also with the vehicle every time whether you use 4WD or not. 

Mainly due to those high weight and low aerodynamics MPG can be reduced. 

You can read more about “why wranglers’ gas mileage can be so bad” and “tips to improve wranglers’ gas mileage” by clicking here.

Next downside would be Ride quality. Unlike street vehicles jeeps have somewhat tough suspension components to deal with rough off roading terrains. 

For the sake of off-roading activities  the ground clearance also increased. (Normally stock jl rubicon have 10.8″ /274mm ground clearance)

But normally street vehicles come with soft short springs and low ground clearance for comfortable highway driving.

So in jeep wranglers you have to expect a bit bumpy ride when wheels hitting with imperfections on the road than a normal street vehicle.

A Wrangler will not fast as a car. Yes, that’s true. As I told you earlier, wranglers don’t have a better aerodynamic shape because this is an off roading focused vehicle. 

This has a boxed shape with a large flat windshield in front. Because of that cross wind hugely affects the highway ride quality. 

So that speed is reduced as well as you’ll feel like a jeep is throwing side to side on highways. That’s because of that cross wind resistance.

Road noise can be annoying to passengers inside the jeep. This is a common case for jeep passengers. Most of the jeep drivers get used to it with time. But passengers may complain about it, if they are new to jeep riding.

Noise of the tires and wind noise over the hardtop/soft top cause most of the noise on highways. Apart from that, aftermarket parts like roof racks and LED light bars can cause wind noise. 

So those are the main downsides you may have to expect if you are thinking of using a jeep wrangler as a daily driver. 

Because this is not a luxury car and this is built for off-roading purposes, the above mentioned things are normal. With time you may not feel lots of problems, some of those cons.

Then let’s look at what are the pros of using a jeep wrangler as a daily driver.

Benefits of owning a Jeep Wrangler

Ability to customize in unique ways. 

Jeep is one of few vehicles that can be built as we want. There are a lot of aftermarket parts that you can fit to your jeep or to change with the stock parts and build uniquely for literally any purpose. 

Can go out with naked!! I mean the naked jeep.

You can remove all the 4 doors and top in less than about 25 minutes and go naked on a nice sunny day. 

This is a unique chance only a jeep owner can get. If you want you can fold the windshield also for a more open feeling. 

You’ll get a couple of tools to remove the doors and top of the jeep. It’s very easy to remove doors and hardtops.

If you want you can fit a soft top after removing the hardtop and use it for fun outdoor purposes on the weekend. This dualtop feature is also unique to the jeeps.

Lots and lots of space.

For a daily drive, a jeep has more than enough space. Even in a 2door jeep there’s plenty of cargo space. 

In Wrangler unlimited/ 4door jeeps there’s a huge cargo space. If you want you can fold the rear row seats and increase the space.

There are jeep overlanders who travel with their jeeps full time with their families!!  They carry all the luggages for a family and their foods, freezers,sleeping items and cooking items in the jeep.

With that you can imagine how much space it has and how customizable a jeep is. You can increase the storage space more by fitting roof racks.

The front and passenger areas also have plenty of legroom and headroom to commute comfortably for a long time.

Better turning radius for manuring tight corners.

Wrangler jl 2door jeep has a turning radius of 34.5′ while wrangler jl 4door jeep has 40.8′. 

This is very useful because specially 2door jeeps can easily park and maneuver around traffic in crowded towns. It is a big plus sign.

You’ll be a part of a big jeepers community.

This community has jeep lovers from all around the world and from experience I know they are very supportive of this jeepers community. 

There are lots of jeepers forums where every time they are willing to help other jeepers!!

Those things are the extra pros a jeep has when it comes to daily use. Apart from above, below are some other good features if you want to use a jeep as a daily commuter.

Because this is an off road intended vehicle this can very easily handle tough seasons and weather conditions like snow fallings, heavy rains etc.

So capable of handling low traction conditions like snowy roads with it’s 4WD system. Can operate this 4WD system on fly.(while moving the jeep)

You can read more about how to operate this wrangler 4WD system by clicking here.

Clean rugged design interior, perfect size steering wheel for easy turnings, easy to read clustered meter panels, push start as well as key start option, center console and front glove box with locking ability with the jeep’s key. (This function is very useful when using the jeep with top and doors off)

Those are the main downsides as well as benefits of using a jeep as a daily driver. As you can see there are more than enough pros to use a jeep as a daily driver!! 

Are Jeep Wranglers expensive to maintain?

Maintaining cost depends on a couple of things. What you do with your jeep and what are the extra modifications you have done to the jeep. 

If your jeep is in stock condition without any mods and you are not doing lots of off roadings the maintenance cost is pretty much similar to other vehicles.

With the extra mods like bigger tires,  lift kits and lots of off-roading abuses to the jeep will increase the maintenance cost than a normal vehicle.

(A golden advice to reduce the maintenance cost : try to do small wrenchings on your own!)

There are lots of resources, videos, articles on the internet for jeep maintenance activities. So you may be able to do most of the small maintenance activities on your own and cut out half of your maintenance costs. 

I wrote a separate guide including the normal jeep maintenance costs. You can read that to get an idea about what are the costs you have to expect when using a jeep wrangler. Read that guide by clicking here.

Final words..

Now I hope you got a better understanding of what you’ll get from a jeep wrangler as a daily driver. 

If you think this guide may be helpful for someone else, you can share this for them. You just have to hit the share button below!! 

Have fun and safe jeeping!

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