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How to Fix the Engine Ticking Problem in Jeeps

The biggest downside about the ticking sound on a car, especially a Jeep is that you are probably not going to take it as seriously as you are supposed to. 

The ticking sound on vehicles is often a sign of bigger problems and when people eventually realize it, the amazing Jeep would have drifted far away from being amazing. 

This makes it very important to know why the ticking sounds happen, what causes it and how to deal with it when it happens. 


Do All Jeeps Tick? 

The Jeep brand has been built around the reputation of durability and the ability to withstand tear and wear especially when it comes to the engines. 

This is one of the reasons why it is quite difficult to point out “common problems” when it comes to Jeeps. If there is anything close to this for Jeeps it has to be the ticking noise. 

To answer the question, do all Jeeps tick? The answer is that yes, all Jeeps can develop that ticking sound but with regular maintenance and great care chances are most Jeeps won’t develop those problems. 

Understanding the causes of the ticking sound can go a long way in helping prevent the problem ever getting to your Jeep. 

Why Does My Jeep Have a Tick Noise?

Several reasons may be resulting in your Jeep having that ticking noise. One thing that we have to rule out is fuel injection. 

For some other car models, faulty fuel injection can result in tick noises but the Jeep fuel injection system is quite well structured to cause noises that can be heard in the cab. 

If anyone tells you that the reason why your Jeep is “ticking” is because of the fuel injection system, their diagnosis will be inaccurate. 

Here are some actual reasons that might be causing the Tick noise on your Jeep.

Air Filter Incompatibility

Having the wrong air filter fitted on your Jeep can result in a lot of problems and one of these problems is the ticking noise.  The air filter allows clean air to pass to the pistons and combustion chambers. 

Dirty air making its way to the engine will result in several problems, ticking is one of them. 

This means if you do not have an incompatible or more plainly a wrong air filter things won’t go as smooth as they should be and this will often result in the ticking noise. 

In most instances, the problem might not be that the air filter does not fit but in most instances, manufacturers like Jeep create their vehicles in a way where even if the aftermarket component fits, it will not perform as well as their version. 

If you do decide to replace the air filter for whatever reason ensure you get it from Jeep. 

Oil Pump 

Remember that one of the most essential components of a Jeep engine is the oil reticulation system. 

The oil pump has to be efficient for your Jeep to function at its optimum. If it is the oil pump that is causing the ticking noise in your Jeep, then you must find a mechanic and get it fixed as soon as possible. 

Having a faulty oil pump can result in ticking and a bunch of other problems for your engine. If your oil pump is not functioning properly your engine will be getting a huge chunk of the damage and continuing to run the Jeep can result in engine damage that can be hefty in terms of repairs. 

Other factors have been known to cause the ticking sound in Jeep. One of them is exhaust camshafts and followers. As you travel your camshafts are bound to succumb to wear and tear. In most instances that results in annoying ticking noises. 

Should I Be Worried if Jeep Has a Ticking Noise?

For the most part, you should be worried if you start hearing a ticking noise. Barred that the cause of the ticking is the valvetrain, you should be worried. 

The ticking sound in Jeeps is often a signal of a bigger problem with the vehicle. It is often a sign that your oil pump is malfunctioning or you have the wrong air filter installed. These problems are big and if they are not checked in time chances are the damage they will cause will be colossal. 

You also have to know that the sound might be caused by camshafts that are worn out. All these problems are major and can result in your Jeep’s performance deteriorating quite significantly. 

In other words, the ticking sound on your Jeep is a firm warning that your engine and overall, your vehicle has problems. 

As much as it is annoying it might also be somewhat a blessing. Pay attention when you hear that ticking sound and make sure that you get it checked as soon as you can. 

How To Prevent the Ticking Noise on My Jeep?

The best way to prevent the ticking noise on your Jeep is regular service. That is regular service by a professional mechanic of course. 

If your Jeep is regularly serviced and checked for faults, chances are you will never reach the tick noise point of the Jeep life cycle. 

Another thing that can also help in ensuring that your Jeep stays in shape sound-wise is ensuring that whenever you replace parts on your Jeep make sure that you get your spares from Jeep. 

This is very important especially when it comes to compatibility issues. We have already mentioned that having an aftermarket air filter on your Jeep might be the cause of the annoying tick noise. 

How To Fix the Ticking Noise on My Jeep?

The ticking noise on your Jeep is quite easy to fix. The only problem is that it might be a bit taxing on your wallet. 

Most of the problems that result in the ticking noise are a bit pricey. The best advice we can give when it comes to fixing your Jeep is to find a professional mechanic and allow them to diagnose the problem first. 

For some of the problems, you can fix them yourself. For example, installing a new oil pump is quite easy and with a bit of tutorial, you can have a new oil filter up and running in minutes. 

Most of the causes of the ticking noise are quite complex and trying to fix them on your own might just compound the problems. 

How Much It Costs to Fix the Ticking Noise in A Jeep?

Fixing the ticking noise on your Jeep is quite pricey. This is one of the reasons why most people tend to prefer to sell their Jeeps when they develop the ticking noise rather than fix it. 

Depending on the problem you are going to have to part with a few hundred dollars if it is the air filter, if it turns out to be the cylinder head though you might need upwards of $2000 to get your Jeep back in shape. 

Having a Jeep is an amazing experience, the ticking noise though can dampen the experience. 

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