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Overlanding and off roading water storage solutions for jeeps

Carrying enough water is a must when doing overlanding and off roading. Because we can’t tell how long we may have to travel before meeting a refill point.  

In this guide I’ll show you the best water storage solutions for your next overlanding or off roading adventure, without breaking the bank.


Top Picks

Best value

Aqua brick container (3gal)

Also best

WaterBrick Stackable Container – durable

Best large tank

Front runner slanted (13.2 gal)

Best space saving large tank

Front runner flat 10.8 gal upright tank with cut outs

Honorable mention

Front runner footwell water tank

More washable water storage ideas.

Jeep rear stock bumper can store water with few mods.

In this guide I mostly focused on storing water inside the jeep. Because normally when doing overlanding or off roading water cans placed outside the jeep face a lot of abuse.

We can put water cans on a roof rack. But in day time, water tends to warm on long trips due to heavy sunrays. If it’s winter water will get cooled.

If you keep drinking water on a tire carrier rack, those containers can be abused with dust,mud and salt. When going to use that water containers, it will not be a pleasant experience.

So here I mainly focused on internal water storage options.But some water containers mentioned here can keep outside of the jeep if you wish!!

Aqua brick container

Aquabrick, water, containers
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Aqua brick water container

If you are highly careful about space saving in your jeep, you can secure this container on the rear roll bar with 2 NRS cam buckles safely.

Dimensions :   9” W x 18” L x 6” H

Weight (empty):  2.36 lbs. 


A BPA free water container with high durability. 3 Gallons of water capacity per container. Can stack and lock together easily.

If needed can load stuff on the cans upto 250lbs. Those features will be useful when packing in a jeep.

Large mouth openings to fill them easily. Double handles for easy carrying. Cap with rubber gasket to keep containers water and air tight.


Have to carefully and properly close the lids to seat well. Otherwise they may tend to leak.

WaterBrick Stackable Container

Waterbrick, water, container
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WaterBrick water container (

A durable water container for a reasonable price

Dimensions:   9″W × 18″ L × 6″ H    

Weight: 2.52 lbs.


3.5 Gal. of water capacity per can.

BPA free and made of rugged, high density polyethylene(HDPE)

Body design enables easy and safe stacking up to 4feets

Wide lid opening allows to store and take out water or dry food items easily.

Comfortable handle for easy carrying

Reasonable price


Have to properly close the cap. Otherwise tend to leak because of not positioning the cap properly on threads.

Cleaning difficulties

Front runner slanted 13.2 gal

Watertank, slanted, frontrunner
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Frontrunner slanted water tank (

This is a specially designed water tank for keeping behind the jeep back seat.

Dimensions : W 1000mm (39.4″) x H 350mm (13.8″) x L tapered 200mm (7.9″) to 150mm (5.9″)

Weight : 11.2 lbs

Material thickness : 10mm


Huge capacity of 13.2gal (50l)

Space saving design for jeeps with slanted walls on one side. It fit perfectly behind the back seat of jeeps.

BPA free and made from food grade polyethylene.

Plastic pipe fittings for hose kits. With that you can attach a pump and filter system separately in your jeep for more easy filling and taking out water from the tank.

Dark color of the container allows less light to pass through.


Bit pricey option

Front runner flat 10.8 gal upright tank with cut outs

Frontrunner, flat,watertank
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Front runner flat water tank with cut outs (

Perfect space saving water tank with large water storage ability.10.8gal!!

Dimensions :

W 1350mm (53.2″) x H 630mm (24.8″) x D 80mm (3.15″)


8.46kg (18.7lbs)


Flat design saves space. Cut out shape fits well on the back of most vehicles.

Large water storage capacity. 41l (10.8gal)

BPA free and made with food grade polyethylene.

Slim design reduces the water sloshing noise.


High price tag

Front runner footwell water tank

Watertank, footwell
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front runner foot well water tank (

Well designed water tank to fit behind the front seat of 4 door jeeps.


40l (10.6gal)


W 1200mm (47.2″) x H 180mm (7.1″) x L 250mm (9.8″)


W 210mm (8.3″) – W 300mm (11.8″) x H 110mm (4.3″)


4.98kg (11lbs)


Space saving design with large capacity.

Fits on the floor between front and back seats.

BPA free and made from food grade polyethylene.

Can stack supplies/luggage on top of it after fitting.


High price tag

Aqua bumper – Rear bumper water storage!!

This is a cool water storage mod you can do to your jeep. Your wrangler stock rear bumper can store up to 7 gallons of water.   

This water is not safe for drinking. But you can use that water for washing purposes easily at camp sites.

For this you have to do some modifications to your rear bumper and jeep. There are pumps and hoses to get pressurized water out.

Coghlan’s Collapsible Water Container

This is a collapsible water container that can store 5 gallons of drinking water. BPA free and food grade.

Sturdy and portable.

Ice cubes can be added through opening and stays flexible in extreme cold.

Dimensions: 11″ x 11″ x 12″

Weight : 0.15 Kilograms


Suitable as an extra water storage. Can Cracked easily.

Rotopax water cans

Rotpax, water, cans
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Rotpax water can (

A space saving and sturdy way to bring 1.75 gallons of extra water in your jeep.
Can use this with or without rotpax mouting system.

Dimensions: 9-1/2″L x 13-1/4″W x 3″H.1.75

Weight : 1.9lbs

Gives a sturdy and space saving way to carry water in your jeep with Rotopax mounting system.


This is not mentioned as a BPA free can. So it’s better to use these water for other purposes than drinking.

Here I suggest you only the best options for storing water in your jeep. There may be more options on the market. But I think one of these solutions will work well for you in your next adventure.

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Have fun and safe overlanding!!  

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