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Top 10 Camping Trailer Accessories For Your Next Adventure

If you have a camping trailer, this is the time to think of what are the essentials you need before your next adventure. There are some basic essentials you should have in your trailer as well as there are cool items that can add to your trailer to ease your life on the trails.

In this guide you will read about many cool Camping trailer accessories including Tymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Hitch with built in scale, Cordless fan by dewalt, Camco EZ Level, pop-up shower tent, Inflatable ottoman and few more very useful budget friendly things. So without further ado let’s get started.



Hitch with built in scale

Trailer weight is a very important factor we should be aware of when towing a trailer back to our rig. Rather than just estimating the weights or measuring now you have a very easy way to check the weight of your trailer. 

It is Weigh safe universal tow hitch ball with a built in scale. This is made with corrosion resistant stainless steel. Gives heavy duty towing capacity. Trailer hitch mount is adjustable. With this you can hit the road with peace of mind of knowing the trailer weight before hitting the road!!


Tymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Knowing the tire pressure changes of our trailer is very important for safe travelling on the road. Normally change of tire pressures in the wheels of our vehicle may be sensible for the driver to some extent. But the tire pressure change of our trailer is not sensible for us when driving. 

So accidents or damages can happen to the trailer easily on the roads. The solution for this problem is wireless tire pressure monitoring system. 

You just have to fit the external sensors to the tires through the valves. It’s very easy.They are dust proof and water proof. They send the real time tire pressures to the solar powered monitor inside the vehicle. This is a very useful system for safe towing.


Camco EZ Level

On the campsite it’s not possible to find proper level places to park the trailer everytime. When going to sleep inside the trailer the proper leveling is important. To get a proper level we can use this easy tool. 

Camco EZ level powered with 3AA batteries. You just have to switch on this and put it on the floor of the trailer and adjust the level of the trailer in your own way. This will indicate the uneven side with red light. This can be used to level both axes simultaneously. All the indicator lights go green when both the axes are level properly.


Cordless fan by dewalt

In a hot summer night fan is a device you should have for a better sleep. Dewalt is a good option for you. I like this fan due to many reasons. First thing is we can use this without a cord. A rechargeable battery pack can buy with this and use the fan. 

This has multiple hanging options. Stand it up, hang it or mount to somewhere. 11″ fan size. Variable speed control and possible to run upto 7 hours with maximum speed. Silent operation gives a better sleep in a silent campsite.


Pop-up shower tent

Normally RV s have separate bathrooms. But off roading camping trailers don’t have them. So a private area is an essential thing for them for a shower, toilets and for changing dresses.

Pop up tent is the easiest solution in that case. This is very less space consuming when folded. So easy to store after using. Easy, quick to set up in seconds for use. Budget friendly but very useful.


Wireless backup camera setup


Your vehicle may have a backup camera setup. But when the travel trailer attached things were going to change. You should have a good visibility to reverse your vehicle behind the trailer. But it’s not practical to use a wiring setup to attach a backup camera system on a trailer.

Using this kind of wireless back up camera set up gives you hustle free setting up and safe backing up.

Furrion vision S have 7 inch touch display which allows you to display upto 4 cameras with audio for all around coverage. Display can be mounted to the windshield or stand on the dashboard for easy viewing.

This setup includes durable high resolution(720×480) IP65 waterproof cameras with live streaming. Long range signal strength.

Cameras have microphones and motion detection. This can detect motion behind your trailer and automatically awake the display.


Inflatable ottoman

This is not an essential but thought to add this because this is nice to have around a campsite. 

This can be used as a stool to rest your foot while relaxing in the evening on a nice camping site. This can inflate easily with the foot pump. Easy to clean. Made with water-repellent fade resistant polyester. Have dimensions of 9″ tall and 21″ round cylinder design.


DOZYANT Propane Tank Gauge

Next I will show you a small but useful gadget. This is a propane tank gauge. There is no proper way to check whether our propane gas tank is going to empty or not until it’s empty. 

Think about an instance where your propane goes over in the middle of a trail!! This can happen in long day adventures mostly. So it’s best to invest a few bucks for a propane tank gauge rather than facing big troubles in the middle of nowhere.

Folding Camping Tables and chairs.

Even like at home we need some amount of furniture to serve dinners, preparing meals and to use our equipment like laptops around campsites. For that below are a few good foldable table options you can go for.


Growsun Folding Camping Table

This is a 28″×28″×28″ fully anodized aluminium table. Lightweight and sturdy design.. Easy to assemble. Dissemble into an easy to carry bag. Best for serving meals, or using laptops like things.


Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair

Coleman camping chairs are very popular among campers. You can see what I’m saying if you check this on amazon. 

This is a foldable 3.82kg weight chair with sitting height of 24″. These have a strong steel frame and fully cushioned seat and back for comfort.

Cup Holder built-into armrest and handy side pocket to keep phones, snacks, or keys at your fingertips.


Sherpa kitchen table

This is an easy kitchen table. This has expandable 4legs. They can extend as you want and fit the foldable aluminium top. Then in the large storage bag there are 4bags separated nicely. They can be used to store cooking equipment and stoves safely. 

The aluminium top is useful to keep stoves or grills.

I hope this top 10 item list may have accessories that will ease your next outdoor adventure. If you think this article may be helpful for someone else, share with them. It’s easy. You just have to hit a share button below.

Have a fun and safe adventure!!

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