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How to Mount a Chainsaw to Off Road Truck / Jeep

It’s very common that trails can be blocked by fallen trees. Mostly in winter falls or with high winds this can often happen. That’s where you need equipment to clear your way and get back on to your adventure.

Normally we carry an axe. But it’s hard to fight with a huge fallen tree just with an axe.

You can carry a chainsaw with you in your jeep. But it’s not practical to carry a chainsaw inside the jeep every time due to space problems.

So you can mount a chainsaw easily on a jeep/truck with using a Polaris Roll Bar Chainsaw Mount, SawHaul Universal Chainsaw Carrier Kit or Long/short scabbard with mounting kit.  Other than these there are few other options I have mentioned below. So read further.

In this guide I try to give better chainsaw mounting solutions for both jeeps and trucks.


Roll bar mounting option.

This is suitable for jeep owners. But if your truck also has roll bars fitted you can think about using this.

Below are few easy and safe ways to mount your chainsaw on the roll bar

Easiest option

Polaris Roll Bar Chainsaw Mount

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This is the easiest way to mount your chainsaw to a roll bar that has 1″ to 2″ diameter.

You can easily tighten the round shape mounts to your vertical or horizontal round roll bar or bumper in minutes and keep the chainsaw safe and sound in this mount.

The chainsaw sheath is machined from solid HDPE. So your chain will not contact any metal.

Another special thing is the mount is open at the bottom. So it accommodate long bars. This is an USA product.

Also great

SawHaul Universal Chainsaw Carrier Kit

Sauhaul, chainsaw, mount
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This is also an easy and straightforward way to mount a chainsaw into your jeep’s roll bar. 

With this you’ll receive a complete kit to mount the saw haul to any vertical round or square tubing upto 2 ¾” wide.

Specially designed lockable scabbard holds the saw easily. Because this doesn’t have any bungee cords to hold the chainsaw, it’s easy to grab and go the chainsaw when you need.

Brackets are made of heavy duty powder coated materials.

May need some modifications to fit this according to your vehicle

Using kolpin universal saw press.

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This is a heavy duty black powder coated universal bracket that accommodates any brand chainsaw with up to 20″ bar.

Can hold the chainsaw vertical direction or 45° angle

This may not a straight forward mounting option for some jeepers or truck owners.

But some jeeps or trucks may have suitable mounting places for this bracket.  

As an example some aftermarket tire carriers may have an easy mounting place for this kind of bracket.

If you have such a place then you can easily mount this to that place and carry your chainsaw safely. Hinge design for easy removal.

If you don’t have such a place then you can make a few modifications to this bracket and mount the chainsaw to the roll bar of your jeep easily.  

For that you just need small creativity. You use suitable stainless steel bolts to mount this with your roll bar.

You can cut away the excess part of the bracket if you want.

More versatile mounting solution

Long/short scabbard with mounting kit

Chainsaw , mount
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This is a kind of more versatile mounting solution. Because this can mount to a round roll bar or on a flat surface easily.

This can hold the chainsaw vertically or horizontally with safety. Best for both jeeps and trucks. Straight forward mounting solution. 

This can be used to mount your chainsaw on a roof rack, rear tire carrier or on a bumper also.

For truck beds

TruXedo TonneauMate Toolbox

Truxedo, toolbox
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If you have a truck you can use this kind of tool box to keep your chainsaw safe and sound. Most important thing is this tool box fits higher than the floor.

So you have full access over the truck bed floor.

Next important benefit of using a tool box is you can store all the other accessories like extra chains and things in this safely.

You can keep other recovering accessories and things also in this without rattling all over the truck bed.

constructed form high quality durable materials. So this can hold heavy loads without bending or cracking.

The design allows this front, middle or rear of the truck bed without problem.

Fits under the truck bed cover for more security. This tool box fits with most of the full sized trucks.

I hope one of the above chainsaw carrying options will work for you.

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Have fun and safe off roading!!    


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