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Jeep Overlanding and Camping Accessories

This is the second part of an overlanding accessories article series. If you haven’t read that yet you can read the first part on best jeep overlanding mods by clicking here

In this article you’ll read the cool and very essential camping accessories you may need to add to your next overlanding adventure.


Few cool overlanding accessories

  • SKYCAMP 2.0 roof top tent
  • The OZ-Tent RV-5
  • The North Face Eco Trail Bed 20
  • AirExpect Camping AirBed, Twin
  • KEYNICE USB Desk Fan 4″
  • ADDTOP 25000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank
  • Coleman Bottle Top Propane Stove
  • LifeSaver Jerrycan

Read further to find what are the uses of above accessories and find out more cool overlanding accessories that may useful in your next adventure!!


When it comes to camping, there are a lot of ways to spend a night in a jeep.

If you are doing solo overlanding you can manage to sleep in the jeep comfortably with a few modifications.

If you are overlanding with your family, no problem you can create a good sleeping area around your jeep easily with roof top tents or ground tents.

You can read my article on jeep roof top tents and roof racks if you want to know more about them.

Below are a few of my suggestions on camping accessories.

Roof racks.

Rhino rack backbone system

If you want a simple way to mount a roof top tent to your jeep this is the option.

You can fit a Rhino rack with a backbone system without lots of modifications.

This is strong enough to hold a roof top tent with 2 people in it!!

Best rack for a 4 person tent.

GOBI stealth rack

This is a famous rack among overalanders and off roaders. Black powder coated stealth rack with high durability.

Well designed for both on and off road activities.  

Can hold 300lbs of driving load capacity and 800 lbs. of static load.

You can get a GOBI ladder to access the rack easily.

Best for Roof top tent with 4 persons.

Roof Top Tents

Sleeping under a roof top tent is a great camping experience you can get in jeep overlanding.

Below are 2 great roof top tents you can get for your next adventure if you don’t have one.

Simpson III Roof Top Tents

This is a roof tent that has closed dimensions of 57in (w) x 49in (L) x 15in (H). When opened it has 55in (W) x 94.4in (L) x 51in (H).

This has an extra annex compartment also.This compartment is removable zip on compartment for extra sleepers or privacy. Manufactured with high quality waterproof poly/cotton rip canvas.

Bedding has a 2.5″ thick high density bonded chip foam mattress. For a better night sleep there are windows and doors with fine insect screening capability.

Retractable aluminum ladder for easy getting in.

This fits for 3 persons.

SKYCAMP 2.0 roof top tent

Rooftoptent, sky-camp
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This is a large hardshell roof top tent that can give comfortable bedding space for 4 persons. (Family with 2 adults and 2 children or 3 adults).

One minute easy set up.

This just has 72kg of weight. So doesn’t affect much on body balance of vehicles at trails.

The hard shell is made of Fiber reinforced plastic. This has 2 layers with built in air insulation making it sound proof and condensation resistant.

Floor is made of insulated honeycomb aluminium panels with high strength. This gives you a much more comfortable night on this floor.

Tent is made of breathable and water resistant poly cotton canvas. Zippers are waterproof and have rain fly also.

This hardshell sky camp can withstand heavy winds and storms easily.

Best ground tent

The OZ-Tent RV-5

oz, tent,rv5
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This is a great tent if you want to camp on the ground. This tent has a good enough space for a family of four.

Everything can be set up in a few minutes. Very easy to set up.

This tent weighs about 54lbs. Below are the dimensions.

Packed Size: 80″ (L) × 15″ (W) × 11″ (H)

Setup Size: 102″ (W) × 102″ (D) × 75″

Manufactured with high quality 8 ounce Ripstop polycotton canvas. Floor is made of pvc floor.

This is heavy duty and heat sealed. All the materials are waterproof and they give a full 2 year warranty.

Best sleeping bag options

The North Face Eco Trail Bed 20

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This is a very comfortable sleeping bag made from 100% recycled fabric.

This is an all season sleeping bag that weighs about 5 lbs. There are 2 sizes you can choose from.

There is a brushed polyester headliner for a softer feel.

Coleman Green Valley 

This is a very low price sleeping bad for cold weather conditions.(For temperatures 30°F and 50°F). There is a Thermolock system that prevents heat loss through zippers.

This has a special design for comfort around your face and quick, easy folding. Coleman gives a 5 year limited warranty for this sleeping bag.

Air mattress

AirExpect Camping AirBed, Twin

This is a durable,puncture resistant and waterproof air mattress. Manufactured with Eco-friendly pvc and Flocking top.

This can inflate easily with their wireless rechargeable pump in about 90seconds.

Internal air coil system provides perfect support for the body while keeping the body in good posture.

Dimensions : 39 x 80 x 9 inches

Weight 4.33 Kilograms

After using it can easily deflate,fold and roll and store in the portable bag.


In hot weather it may be hard to spend the night under a tent if you don’t have good ventilation.

To solve this problem easily you can use a portable USB fan like this that can be used with a rechargeable battery pack/power bank or with your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

ADDTOP 25000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank

Powerbank, addtop, solarpower
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This is awesome and I think this would be very useful for you also.

This is a power bank that can charge your phones, tabs and other small electronic devices easily. This has a huge capacity of 25000mAh.

Most important fact is this can be fully charged with solar power from about 6 – 8 hours!!

For that there are 4 solar panels integrated with this nicely. This weight is just 1.18lb.

There are dual 2.1A outputs that can be used to charge two devices simultaneously. Easy to carry and splash proof device for outdoor use.

Jackery portable power station

For overlanders portable batteries are very useful. This kind of power station is a good investment you will never regret in the future adventures.

Jackery 240 includes a lithium ion battery pack which has 240 watt – hours.

Can charge with home AC power or with a solar panel at campsites.

Pure sine wave inverter portable power station, protects your sensitive devices. Can charge phones, laptops, cameras, drones.

This has 1AC outlet, 2 USB-A ports and one car DC port. Easy to carry

This cannot support devices rated over 240W.

For that kind of purpose you can go for a more powerful power station like the Jackery 518wh solar generator or the Jackery 1002wh solar generator.


When it comes to cooking you have to first think of a suitable way to store your food items for a few days on trails.

For that you can use a cooler or a freezer. If you are a serious overlander it’s better to go for a portable freezer.

It’s a bit pricey option but it’s worth the money.

You can read my full guide on jeep portable freezers.

There I attach images of different sizes of freezer fit on to jeep cargo areas and all the things you should know about portable freezers.

If that’s not for you then you can buy a good cooler. They also work great for short overlanding trips.

Preparing meals

To prepare your meals, there are also a lot of options.

If you are just starting your overlanding and finding a simple way to prepare your meals you can just buy a tiny single burner stove or a two burner stove and a LP gas can without breaking the bank.

It’s a versatile option.

Single burner stoves

Coleman Bottle Top Propane Stove

This is an inexpensive but excellent little propane cylinder stove. Top is made from stainless with wind baffles.

Easy to set up as well as store away with less space. Burns evenly and works well in windy situations.

2 burner stove

Camp Chef Everest

Camp chef Everest is a two burner stove that offers 20,000BTU burners. A stainless steel drip tray makes the cleaning super easy.

This can be used easily for large pans and best for large families.

Cutting surface

Front runner drop down table

Tailgate-table, frontrunneroutfitters
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This is a jeep tailgate table that can open downward when the latch is released.

Can load up to 40kg on it. Have a surface area of 648mm × 331mm. The length can extend from 445mm by sliding the extra wooden tray.

Tray is made from steel and black powder coated for durability and weather resistance.

Best for keeping stoves, use as a cutting surface in food preparing around campsites.

Tepui tire mounting table

To serve your foods or keep stuff around the campsite you can use this kind of foldable table.

Can easily set up with a jeep tire. Gives a very sturdy surface. after using can easily fold and store in the jeep with less space.

LifeSaver Jerrycan 20,000UF

Jerrycan, water-purification
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Drinking water is a demanding thing in outdoor adventures. Rather than a complex purification system, this simple water purification jerry can save your life one day.

This is manufactured in the UK with military grade standards. This can has a capacity of 4.9 gallons.

The purification system has a filtering capacity of 5282galloons in its lifetime.

This removes viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites in the water instantly and gives clean drinking water.

Don’t need electricity or any chemical to clean water. You just have to fill it, pump it and drink the water!!


A proper tool kit is a must have with you on any overlanding journey.

Tool kit with sockets sizes and wrench sizes that match the common sizes of vehicle, extra nuts and bolts, zip ties.

Tire repairing kit, extra belt and horse is worth having in your tool kit.

You can use a separate tool box or soft bags to keep tools. But soft bags/roll bags  will save space.

32 Pocket Tool Roll Organizer

You can use this kind of rolling tool bag for keeping your tools organized and save the jeep space.

I hope you find something useful for your next adventure with this article.

If you think this may be helpful for someone else share this with them. You just have to hit a share button below!!

Have fun and safe overlanding!!    


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