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The 5 Best Off-Road Camper Trailers Under $15 000

Most of us have a dream to travel around the world and do adventurous things. It’s more fun if we can travel while carrying our tiny house-like camper trailer back to the vehicle. For that there are RVs with different functionalities in different price ranges. But for an off road camping adventure we need something more capable and designed for rough terrains.

But if you are finding a suitable off road camping trailer for a low budget this guide for you. I’m going to show you 5 best off road camping trailers you can buy for less than $15 000 and their features.


Kakadu BushRanger 200XT 

Price : $ 9895 upwards 

Weight : 499kg
GVWR :3,000 pounds.
Length : 3,657.6
Width : 1,778mm
Height : 1,320.8mm

Sleeps : family of 4 – 5 

BushRanger is a very low budget option for an off grid camping adventure. Even this is a low price option that doesn’t mean it’s quality is also low. This is excellent for tough adventures thanks to it’s tough build.

This has a heavy duty frame, steel fenders and hammered finish paint and more. Equipped with puncture resistant heavy duty tires with aggressive terrain treads. Have axle less independent suspension system with Timbren Aeon springs

This base price doesn’t include a kitchen. But you can set up a kitchen that is specifically designed for BushRanger with extra $ 1,150. That doesn’t exceed our budget limit of 15k. So i think this is not a problem at all.

When talking about the tent, kakadu is a specialist in tents. In this tent also you can see many special features.

This has plenty of sleeping rooms for about 4 – 5 persons. This canvas and awning spans about 200 square feet.

Reinforced canvas roof and durable wall gives great protection in different environments. Roll edge design keeps rain water away. Internal window flap design allows you to close windows from inside. This is very helpful in rainy times. 

Turtleback Adventure


Price : $13,000 upwards
Weight : 1120kg
Length : 3,505.2mm
Width : 1,879.6mm
Height : 2,133.6mm
Setup Time : less than 30min
Sleeps : 2-6 people depending on roof top tent

> 40 Gallons of Fresh Water Plus 6 in the    Water Heater
> Hot and cold water 

> Shower
> 50+ cubic feet of storage
> Stove
> Sink
> Pantry storage

Turtleback is a trailer which is equipped with a rooftop tent and many other essentials we need for an offgrid camping adventure.

In the rear half of the Gallery storage compartment, there is a 12V DC water pump, 42 gallon freshwater tank and a 6 gallon DSI water heater.

In the front part there’s a 50QT ARB fridge – freezer, and storage compartment for items like firewood.

On the roof there’s a steel rack system that connects directly to the frame. This is for the optional rooftop rent. There are additional storage boxes on both sides as extra storage compartments.

This has a power distribution system sealed inside the nose box. It is water and dust proof. Power distribution system includes a Group 24 AGM deep cycle battery, Blue Sea 6 circuit fuse block, Blue sea single battery disconnect switch, 6 Amp marine battery charger, inverter and 30 amp digital solar controller for optional solar panel

16″ mud terrain terrain tires and a heavy duty swing away tire carrier with spare tires. The tire carrier also has a stainless steel fold down table.

In the smartly designed gallery area you can find the kitchen compartment. There is a 2 burner LP gas stove, stainless steel sink and a pull out shelf. At the back of the trailer you have an external shower with a hot water facility.

On the top you can attach a huge roof top tent as you wish.

Signature Campers Deluxe


Price : $ 13,850 upwards (without tent)
Weight : 840kg
Length : 4000mm
Width : 1524mm
Sleeps : 2 persons

Signature deluxe II is another little camper which is built tough enough to deal with extreme terrains and to give you comfort camping experience in your favourite destinations.

Below are the options you’ll get with a signature deluxe II.

> 12 inch electric brakes 
> Custom Suspension components,           (including custom Kings Springs and     Dobinson’s 4wd Shocks)
> 110L of Water tank(dual pressurized)
> Plumbed Slide Out Kitchen
> Dual 100Ah AGM deep cycle Batteries 
> Rooftop experience 
> Roof top cage compartment for storage
> Extra storage for 2 x 20 litre jerry cans
> 2 ×2.5m awnings
> Storage for 1.8kg gas bottle

Gobi MOAB Trailers 


Price : $14, 300 upwards
Weight : 857.3kg
Length : 4,206.24mm
Width : 2,286 mm
Height : 1,828.8 mm
Sleeps : upto 8 people (with roof top tent)

Gobi is an excellent and affordable off road teardrop trailer. This is designed with an interior sleeping cabin with standard queen size mattress and plenty of cabinet storage.

Walls are 1-½” aluminium walls insulated with high density styrofoam. It is laminated with fiberglass which makes a lightweight but high rigid structure.

There are two packages you can choose when going to buy this trailer. First one is the base package and the second one is the summit package. Below are the options of two packages you’ll receive with a standard gobi trailer.

Base package 

> Interior cabin storage cabinets
> Open area for gear storage ( in rear     gallery area.)
> Queen size mattress

> 10″ electric drum brakes
> All Terrain terrain tires
> 15″ Steel wheels
>Standard 2″ ball coupler


> With the base package

> AGM battery: 100Ah
> On board battery charger
> Full gallery with drop-in stove 
>Sink and storage cabinetry
> 90.8 L fresh water tank
> Tankless hot water heater/outdoor   shower.
> Interior and exterior LED lights
> 12-volt accessory plugs 
> Front tote half (designed to   accommodate Honda 2000 gen or (2) 
> 7-gallon water jugs
> LP bottle & holder, 20 lbs.
> Spare tire gate with integrated prep  tables (Spare tire: optional)

Albany Z MK2 Hard Floor Camper Trailer


Price : $ 14,990 upwards
Weight : 1140kg
Length : 4750mm
Width : 1820mm
Height : 1460mm
Setup Time : 15 min
Sleeps : 2 adults

Albany Z MK2 is an affordable rear folding trailer from Ezytrail you can buy under 15k. A lightweight trailer which comes with following extras.

> 90L water tank
> 100Ah battery
> 4stove burner
> Electric water pump
> Quick release kitchen water fitting 
> Dish drying racks
> Kitchen with slide out work bench
> Dry rack and splash guards

In the reserved kitchen section there are fridge slides which can fit larger fridges and Dry herb rack for ease the preparation of camping meals.

Drawbars and chassis are built with 5mm Q345 steel tubes. Panels are 1.3mm thick zinc galvanized plates. Even this is lightweight built with enough strength to beat off road terrains.

When this comes to off roading this has 15″ all terrain tires which incorporate fully adjustable independent coil spring suspensions and single shock absorbers.

The tent includes a tropical roof, a nylon ensuite tent, the size of half of the trailer, and the awning for an optional kids room. If you want you can use the standard included walls,floor and skirt to cover the entire trailer including the stainless steel kitchen to convert this into a family sleeping or seating area.

These are the 5 best off road camping trailer options you can go for a budget under 15K. I suggest you buy a pricey one one with good options if you have money. But if your present maximum budget is 15k check one of these and go for your adventure. Later sell it and try to go for a better pricey option than this.

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Have a safe and joyful adventure ahead!!

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