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Can a Dirt Bike Fit on a Jeep Wrangler? | Let’s Find Out

The simple answer is yes. A dirt bike can fit on a jeep wrangler. If you own a jeep wrangler, then you don’t need to spend extra cash on transporting a dirt bike.

Mostly, it all depends on how you can take advantage of the extra space in your jeep wrangler. A good question to ask oneself is how can I fit a dirt bike on a jeep wrangler.


How to Carry a Dirt Bike with My Jeep?

There are several ways to carry a dirt bike with a jeep using carriers, hitch, and hooks. Different types of carriers can be used to carry a dirt bike with a jeep

Head Carrier

One of the most common ways of carrying a dirt bike with a jeep wrangler is the head carrier. The hook is mounted firmly on the jeep wrangler, and the dirt bike is strapped to the roof of the jeep wrangler.

This isn’t only safe, but it also allows you to transport your dirt bike anywhere you go with the jeep. The hook is designed in a way that makes it easy to mount and unmount the dirt bike.

Below you can watch a video of cool dirt bike DIY head carrier build.

Front Carrier

Another common method of carrying a dirt bike on a jeep wrangler is using the front carrier, sometimes you may be taking too much load on the rear of your jeep, and you need balance.

You can use the front carrier by attaching it to the front bumper and strapping your dirt bike, and this system works perfectly in mounting dirt bikes on the jeep efficiently.

Rear Carrier

The most common method is making use of a rear carrier. The carrier will be hooked into your jeep wrangler hitch then you strap the dirt bike to the carrier. This way is also an effective way.

It is the most common because it is easy to mount, safe, and doesn’t have any adverse effect on driving since the dirt bike is at the rear side of the jeep. It also comes with a ramp that can drop down, which helps the dirt bike to have a lift mechanism or wheel up.

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Sometimes you are not comfortable carrying a dirt bike on the rear, and the front bumper of your jeep or your jeep wasn’t designed for such a setup. You can make use of a trailer.

Trailers have been proven so many times to be useful not only in carrying a dirt bike but in cargo transportation generally. It can also accommodate multiple bikes without any hassle.

There are different types of trailers ranging from advanced overlanding trailers to simple cargo set up. All these are efficient in carrying a dirt bike. All you need to do is attach the cargo to the rear side of your jeep.

Are Motorcycle Hitch Carriers Safe?

A motorcycle hitch carrier is safe when it comes to transporting bikes. A motorcycle hitch carrier is one of the easiest and most practical ways to carry a dirt bike.

Although there are various types and sizes, they are made with strong materials to serve their purpose.

The Advantages of motorcycle hitch carriers are:

It is easy to load: the motorcycle is well packed with ramps, and the front wheel is well supported upright.

Strong and durable: most motorcycles weigh over 275 kilograms, hitch carriers are built to withstand the heavyweight of a motorcycle

It is adjustable: It is mainly designed to be adjustable to fit any car, van, truck, jeep.

Features to Watch Out for in A Motorcycle Carrier

A carrier makes it easy to safely and efficiently mount and unmount a motorcycle in your jeep. Carriers come in different variations and types. However, they all serve a specific purpose which is to carry extra cargo.

Load Capacity

This feature is what determines the amount of weight your carrier can handle. Each carrier has its loading capacity depending on the manufacturer, and you can choose the one suitable to take care of your needs.

Loading Height

Each jeep has a different height, width, and length, so the loading height is important to consider and make sure it will fit your vehicle perfectly.

Sometimes going for an adjustable type is just the best option, this way, you don’t have to worry about loading height.

Other features to watch out for are:

Connection point

Construction and Weight


Sometimes it becomes frustrating when the need to transport dirt bikes arrives, the thought of spending extra cash on logistics to move the dirt bike to your desired destination, and the stress involved.

However, you don’t have to worry about this if you have a jeep wrangler. There are several ways to carry your dirt bike with a jeep without any stress. All you need is the right information on how to do this.

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