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Here is Why You Are Getting Rattle Noises From Your Jeep Engine

The rattling noise is one of the most annoying problems that people with Jeeps are ever going to encounter. The Jeep has quite a reputation of being a rigid “machine” with high ratings of reliability and durability. 

The Jeep engine has been touted as one of the best engines out there in terms of both reliability, durability, and performance. But once in a while, there are bound to be problems. 

One of the most common problems is the rattling sound. The problem can be annoying and in some instances borderline irritating. The good news though is that it can be fixed and we are going to discuss how in this article. 


Should My Jeep Make Noise When Accelerating?

One thing that the jeep engine is well known for is its ability to hold its nerve when you are accelerating. The jeep even holds its nerve even when you are accelerating on dirt roads. 

In both instances that are accelerating off-road or on tarred roads, your jeep should not have a rattling noise when you accelerate. The only noise you should hear is the gusts of wind and the roaring powerful engine from your speed. 

If your Jeep is making a rattling noise when you are accelerating then chances are you have a problem.

What Causes My Jeep to Rattle When Accelerating?

The rattling noise is probably one of the most irritating problems that a Jeep owner or driver can ever go through. The problem can be a result of several malfunctioning parts which include,

Trapped Internal Engine Components

Most Jeeps tend to be on the receiving end of some tough driving experiences. This might result in some of the engine components falling out of place and getting stuck in some problematic areas. 

This is one of the most common causes of the rattling sound that seems to be plaguing several Jeeps. Lifters are usually one of the components that often get stuck in the wrong place and result in a rattling sound. 

The Exhaust

You might be thinking that the exhaust is not a part of the engine but in most instances, the main culprit when it comes to the engine rattling is the exhaust system. 

The most common cause of the exhaust “engine rattle” is loose bolts. Remember the exhaust is connected to the engine area of your Jeep. 

There are several manifolds along the way and these are held together by bolts and nuts mostly. When the bolts fall off there is often a rattle. The sound is often irritating and it is quite difficult to identify the specific area it is emanating from. 

The heat shield is also a big culprit when it comes to engine noise. The heat shield is an essential part of the exhaust system of your Jeep and as wear and tear gets to your car, it is bound to loosen. 

Loosening heat shield can result in somewhat a very annoying noise. One thing though about the rattling noises that occur as a result of a loose heat sink is that they tend to be more prominent at lower speeds. 

If the rattling noise increases as you accelerate then chances are the heat sink is not your problem. Constantly get your Jeep exhaust system checked, it is very important.

The Timing Chain 

For most Jeep owners the timing chain is usually the main cause of the rattling noise that comes from the engine. Especially for Jeeps that have a fair share of off-road action.  

As you cover more and more miles your timing chain is bound to get loose. This coupled with an aging tensioner could lead to your timing chain skipping a tooth as it runs. 

This can result in the rattling sound that Jeep owners have grown to hate over the years. For this problem though, the rattling sound seems to be quite common during the start-up. 

But it is not only exclusive to the start-up, even as you are driving you might come across the rattling sound but less often than during startup. 

The Oil Problem 

One thing that we can’t stress enough is the importance of oil in your Jeep’s functionality. If there is no oil making its way to the crankcase, trust us you are going to hear your Jeep rattle all day. 

If you go around Jeep chatrooms, you will probably realise that this is one of the most common causes of the rattling noise in Jeeps. 

The reason why it is quite prevalent is that people tend to ignore oil change schedules.  

What should I do when I Hear Rattling?

The first thing you should do when you hear your engine rattling is to check for oil. 

Amongst the causes of rattling listed in this article, this is one of the most common causes. If there is no oil for sure then try replacing the oil. 

This should get your Jeep running and sounding normally. If this is not the problem then we recommend that you go around and consult a professional mechanic. 

The rattling noise in your Jeep engine is often a sign of a bigger problem. You must get it checked quickly if you do not want to run into heavy costs later on. 

Can I DIY and fix the Rattling Noise?

The good news is you can DIY and fix the rattling noise. The problem though is that you can only effectively fix the rattling noise on your Jeep only if it is caused by a lack of oil in the crankcase. 

This is if you plan on keeping your Jeep in perfect shape. Remember your Jeep is a pretty complex machine trying to fix and weld on heat sinks can result in you compounding the problem and ending up with bigger problems than a rattling engine. 

After replacing oil, there might be a bit of smoking from your Jeep, and here is why. It’s perfectly normal. 

If you take a look at your Jeep and you are certain that the reason why your Jeep has a rattling engine has nothing to do with a lack of oil in the crankcase, we recommend that you get yourself a mechanic. 

DIY will not cut it in most instances, and you are most likely going to get bigger problems if you decide to fix your Jeep by yourself. 

How Much Will It Cost to Fix the Rattling?

Depending on the cause of the problem you might need to part with between $200 to nearly $1750. 

If it is the ticking chain you might need to replace the chain and the tensioner and for a Jeep that might cost between $850 and $1500 that is including labor. 

If it is the heat sink that is causing the problem then at least $150 will do. If it is the oil resulting in the annoying rattling, then we have to say you are in luck. 

A normal oil change will fix the problem and that will probably be the cheapest fix on this list. 

Fixing the rattling sound on your Jeep can be quite expensive. The Jeep brings a level of convenience and adventure you won’t get from anywhere else and maintaining it is not cheap. 

If it ever gets to a point where you have to splash thousands on fixing the rattling problem, we recommend that you sell it and get yourself another Jeep. As a side note, the rattling noise will never go away on its own. You can’t ignore it.

Enjoy the  “silent” Jeep experience!

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