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Jeep Key Replacement: What To Do, Costs & Tips

Not long ago, I lost my Wrangler’s keys. It was definitely not a happy experience. However, I had contacts working in the auto sector who could help me and I got my keys replaced. 

But not all car owners have such a friend circle. So, through this guide, I would like to help those who are looking for a solution to the lost keys issues. 

The guide will provide you a detailed insight on how to replace a Jeep’s key, and also will cover the keys replacement costs, provide helpful tips and answer some frequently asked questions related to the topic. 

While this guide is mostly focused on Jeep, it will also prove very helpful to any car owner. So, let’s begin.


What To Do If You Lose Your Jeep’s Keys?

Losing or misplacing a car’s keys wasn’t a big problem, but that was before keys had chips on them. Now, modern cars are equipped with technologically advanced keys that consist of programmed chips. 

Therefore, replacing a lost key can be quite expensive and the ways around it are not very simple. 

So, the best advice for anyone reading this article is – “Don’t ever lose your car’s keys.”

However, if it’s lost, the first thing to do is keep calm and don’t panic. After you are calm, try to think about where and when you last saw the keys. Some other alternatives such as having access to a spare key can also be very helpful. 

If you are certain, the keys are gone and you can’t use a spare, you should look forward to replacing your keys. 

Like other cars, Jeeps also have different kinds of keys. Mostly its model and year of making determine what sort of keys it operates with. So, it is very important to know the model of your Jeep and its year of manufacture. 

Furthermore, the cost range can vary vastly as there are different key options, from simple to complex, without chips to programmed remote key fobs.

General Cost Estimation For Replacing A Jeep Key

In general, an ignition key (without a chip) can cost between $8 to $20, if you buy it from an online store or a local store. 

But the key can cost you about $20 to $100 if you are purchasing it from a dealer. In addition to it, you will have to pay around $2-$10 for the cut, the price depends on the complexity of the cut. 

As for a Jeep’s transponder key (with programmable chips), the simplest of models can be purchased for about $18 excluding the cut and programming price. 

But more advanced keys such as remote keys can cost as high as $240 at online stores and its dealership price can be even higher than that. 

Usually, cutting and programming such keys can cost you about $30 – $100 extra. 

Be sure to check the price table, which I will be including a little below, to learn the cost of different keys of different Jeep models built in different years. 

Types Of Jeep Keys, Replacement Options, And Costs

In general, Jeep keys can be classified into two types: 

Non-transponder keys and Transponder keys. 

Now, let’s discuss their replacement options and costs too. 

Non-transponder Ignition Key (a traditional key without a fob)

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A non-transponder ignition key is a basic mechanical key, mostly common in older cars. This type of key doesn’t include any electronic chips. So, making duplicate ignition keys doesn’t cost much.

Usually, these kinds of keys are made by cutting metals by the usage of some specialized machines and methods such as die punch. 

Jeeps, mostly until 1998, were equipped with a non-transponder ignition key. 

What to do if you lose your Jeep’s ignition (non-transponder) key?

You can easily buy an ignition key from a local locksmith or hardware store. You can also make an online purchase of a non-transponder key. 

It is also very convenient if you have a spare key so that you can use it when in need. So, it’s a good idea to duplicate your master key. After all, it’s cheap to replace an ignition key. 

How much does it cost to replace a Jeep’s ignition key (non-transponder key)?

Usually, a simple non-transponder key only costs around $8. However, you will be charged a few dollars for cutting it. 

Transponder Keys (Chip Keys)

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Transponder keys or chip keys consist of programmed chips. The computer chip’s main function is to protect the car from being stolen. 

In other words, the transponder chips are automotive security features in modern cars. 

The microchips in a transponder key are capable of transmitting signals from the key to a remote sensor. Once the sensor receives the signal, the key can start the car. A wrong key is functionless in a car. 

Jeeps mostly after the late ‘90s started having chips on their keys. And now the keys are even more advanced. 

Due to the advanced technology, replacing a Jeep or any modern car’s key has become difficult and expensive too. 

What to do if you lose your Jeep’s transponder key?

You can find Jeep’s transponder key online or you can visit an auto locksmith. 

You can buy the key from dealerships too, but they are quite expensive, so I’d recommend you to check some local or online stores. 

How much does it cost to replace Jeep’s transponder keys (insert blade and fob)?

There are different types of transponder keys available in the market that can make their price different from one another. 

However, a simple transponder key can be bought for about $20 to $100. And if you purchase from dealerships, it may cost about $50 to $150.

If you need to get a key along with a fob, it is going to be expensive. The normal price usually ranges from $100 to $250 at online stores and local stores. Whereas, at dealerships, the price can be around $180 to $290. 

But if you are just trying to buy an insert blade, it can cost you around $10 to $15. 

Furthermore, you will also have to pay around $50 for cutting and programming. Sometimes, the cost can be as high as $100 depending on where you go.

Average Jeep Key Replacement Costs For Different Models

Jeep ModelYear Approximate Cost (in USD),Online/Local Store
Approximate Cost (in USD),DealershipDoes this key have a programmed chip?
Cherokee1990 – 2001$8$24 – $40No
Cherokee 1999 – 2001$20 – $40$80 – $90Yes
Cherokee 2014 – 2021$10 – $15$54No
Cherokee 2014 – 2021$100 – $160$210 – $285Yes
Comanche1990 –1992$8$32No
Commander2006 – 2010$10$54No
Commander 2006 – 2010$18 – $100$50 – $250Yes
2017 – 2019$20$80 – $100No
Compass 2007 – 2021$18 – $240$180 – $274Yes
Gladiator2020 – 2021$150$240Yes
Grand Cherokee
1993 – 98$8$30 – $40No
Grand Cherokee 1998 – 2004$18 – $40$80 – $95Yes
Grand Cherokee 2005 – 2007$18 – $100$180 – $250Yes
Grand Cherokee 2008 – 2019$10 – $15$50 – $60No
Grand Cherokee 2008 – 2021$20 -$150$50 – $270Yes
Grand Wagoneer1990 – 1991$8$32No
Liberty2002 – 2003$8$40No
Liberty 2002 – 16$18 – $190$90 – $250Yes
Patriot2007 – 2017$18 – $100$185 – $200Yes
Renegade2015 – 2021$20$80 – $100No
Renegade 2015 – 2021$100 – $150$200 – $240Yes
Wagoneer 2021$130 – $150$200 – $250Yes
Wrangler1990 – 2006$8$32 – $40No
Wrangler 1998 – 2006$18$90Yes
Wrangler 2007 – 2021$18 – $120$185 – $240Yes

(The above cost information is mostly based on information from carkeysexpress )

Some Additional Tips To Help You

  1. If you lose or misplace your car’s key, don’t let nerves get over you. Thinking peacefully can help you remember where you might have lost the key or can also remind you of a spare key you can use. 

  2. Always have a spare key and fob.

  3. Save your car’s information such as its model, manufacture year, vehicle identification number (VIN number), and registration number in your mobile phone. This information can ease things during the key replacement process.

  4. Before you go to a dealer to replace your car’s key, always consult local locksmiths or online stores beforehand. Local locksmiths and online stores offer the service at a much affordable price.

  5. Check your auto insurance policy. In certain conditions, the insurance will cover the replacement cost. 


Can you disable the lost Jeep key fob? How?

Yes, you can disable the key fob if you have lost it. 

To disable the key fob you should know the security system of the fob. The disabling procedure involves programming. So it’s best if you consult an auto locksmith or technician. 

Why won’t my Jeep Grand Cherokee recognize its key? 

There can be several reasons why a Jeep or any car does not recognize its key. 

When the remote’s battery is dead or the car’s battery is low, this problem can arise. Faults in the keyless operation system, failure in programming, and broken remote are also other reasons that disable Jeep’s detection of its keys. 

Can you reprogram a Jeep key?

No, you can’t reprogram a Jeep key. Once a key is programmed to a car, it only works for that car and can’t further be reprogrammed to another car. But, in some cars, reprogramming might be possible, however, it does not perform well enough. 

Can you start or drive a Jeep without a key fob?

No, you cannot start or drive a Jeep without a key fob. The modern Jeeps have remote sensors. Unless these sensors receive signals from its key fob, the vehicle won’t start. 

What year did Jeep start using chips in the keys?

In 1998, Jeep started putting transponder chips in its keys. 

How long does it take to get a Jeep’s replacement key?

It depends on factors such as the model of the Jeep car, the making year, and the technology involved. 

Usually, it may take around one to two hours to get a replacement key along with a fob for a Jeep. However, the process is faster for a chip less key. 

Will insurance cover the cost for my Jeep key replacement?

Insurance will cover the cost of car key replacement for certain cases which are described in their policy. 

For instance, if your Jeep’s keys are stolen, the insurance will cover its replacement cost. Or if your car suffers a collision with another car and the keys are damaged, the insurance will pay to cover the damage. 

For other accidents such as fires too, insurance will apply. 

What to do if I lock my key inside my Jeep?

The best option is to have a spare key that will help you unlock the car. Otherwise, there is no better choice than consulting an auto locksmith. 

However, there are some hacks into this kind of situation, but they aren’t effective on modern cars. 


People often lose or misplace their car’s keys. As in modern times, Jeeps and other cars are a lot more technologically advanced, their keys have also grown more sophisticated. 

So, knowing how to get the keys replaced and having cost ideas is always beneficial. Also, I would like you to consider the tips I mentioned earlier. They will certainly ease out the situation.

I hope you got a whole lot of information regarding jeep key replacement. If you think this guide may be helpful for someone else you can share this with them. You just have to hit one of the share buttons below.


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