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Do Lift Kits Add Value? | Let’s find Out

Everyone loves to pimp their stuff, it’s human nature to want to personalize things belonging to them to make them unique and uncommon. From your mobile phone, wristwatches, t-shirt, sneakers etc.

Your jeep isn’t left out in this category. Most jeep lovers want to modify their jeep by either changing the rim, color, tires and lifting it to look fiercer and well packaged.

However, when considering modification on your jeep, one good question that comes to mind is, will lift kits add value to my jeep?


What Are Lift Kits?

Lift kits are used to replace shocks and springs on the jeep to increase the jeep’s height. A lift kit can make your jeep travel on rougher terrain.

There are diverse options when it comes to jeep lift kits. There are many accessories and parts available in the market, and most times, your budget and driving habits will determine the type of lift kits to use on your jeep.

It’s essential to know the usage of your jeep before you decide on which kit to use. This will guide you to go for a well-engineered and high-quality product that will fit your budget and needs.

Some of the common options are:

Body Lift

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TeraFlex : 1.5” Performance Spacer Leveling Kit

This is a low-cost and simple way to lift your jeep. It provides extra space between the frame and the body of the jeep. A body lift can give between 1-2 inches of lift while sustaining wheels and stock suspension.

Most jeepers find it a great way to lift their jeep due to the low cost and the easy installation. You can get more information through my jeep body lift guide.

Coil Spring Spacers

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Rugged Ridge Coil Spring Spacer Leveling Kit, 0.75 inch; JK

This involves placing coil spacers on top of the jeep’s coil springs. It provides up to 1.5-2 inches lift, and most jeepers opt for this method because it maintains the factory quality and doesn’t require much suspension modifications.

This modification favors drivers that enjoy driving with large tires.

Coil Lift

This type of lift allows coil spring to be added to a jeep, and it provides up to a 2 – 3.5 inches increase on the suspension. One of the good features of the coil lift is that it increases the jeep’s articulation for off-roading.

Short Arm Lift Kit

The short am lift kit offers all the features found in a coil spring kit with the addition of shocks, larger sway bar links, longer front and rear control arms. They are widely used for the efficiency it provides.

A short arm lift kit provides over 3-6 inches lift with impressive ground clearance, off-road capacity and wheel travel.

Long Arm Lift Kit

This lift kit uses long control arms installed on the jeep’s frame in such a way that provides good suspension angles.

It provides the jeep with a better crawling ability and impressive articulation. However, it is expensive and requires lots of fabrication and welding upon installation.

Why Should I Lift My Jeep?

Most jeepers lift their jeep for a number of reasons. It all depends on what you use the jeep for and where you drive it to.

Sometimes drivers want to lift their jeep for a stylish and better appearance while others increase off-road performance because a lifted jeep will offer an impressive off-road performance than a non-lifted jeep.

The additional height offers space required for larger tires installation. All these will offer advantages for rocky obstacles, stability, better articulation, impressive approach angles for mountain climbs, and better ground clearance.

Another reason to lift your jeep is to increase the resales value. Though this may not be likely in all cases, you may get a better resale value for your jeep if you are selling to someone that loves lifted jeep.

Do Lift Kits Add Value to My Jeep?

Jeeps generally have a high resale value due to several reasons such as driving efficiency, popularity and durability.

However, owners will still try to increase the value of their jeep furthermore through various methods and may be wondering if lift kits add value.

Just as other aftermarket modifications, lift kits can either affect the value of your vehicle positively or, in some cases, affect it negatively.

After lifting your jeep, the value may increase or decrease based on the preference of the next buyer and sometimes lift kits may not have any effect on your jeep’s value. There is no definite answer to these questions. It all depends.

Although there is an exception, this is only in a situation when it is a levelling kit. A levelling kit is a type of suspension modification which are majorly found on jeeps.

It modified the jeep such that the front part of the jeep is heavier than the backside. In most cases, leveling kit modification  increases the jeep’s value.

Ways to Add Value to Your Jeep

Aside from lifting your jeep, there are better ways to add value to your jeep. These methods are more reliable to give better results as compared to lifting your jeep. They include:

Mileage Travelled

One of the things that add value to your jeep is the number of miles on it. The average miles in a jeep yearly is approximately 13,500, according to the U.S. Department of Transport Highway Administration.

If you want to increase the value of your jeep, you have to drive less than the average mileage. This is always considered an essential factor.

Overall Appearance 

Another good way to increase the value of your jeep is to improve the overall appearance by taking good care of your jeep and carrying out proper maintenance as at when due. Avoid metal rust, dings and scrapes

The interior of your jeep also matters. Replace your floor mat if it is bad and ensure your seat fabrics and dashboard are clean, well maintained, and in the proper position.

Other Accessories

Installing catchy accessories such as woofer speakers, stereo, revere camera etc., is an excellent way of increasing your jeep’s value. Some other accessories include air deflectors, mudguard, bug shield, bed rails etc.

Installing accessories will increase the resale value of your jeep and get you more intending buyers whenever your jeep is up for sale because it is attractive and well maintained.

You can read my guides on cool JK & JL mods under $100 and TJ mods under $100 articles to find out cheap useful mods to your jeep.


It’s not guaranteed that lift kits add value to your jeep, so don’t let this be the reason for your action when considering lifting your jeep. However, adding value to your jeep comes with its price, which has been discussed.

To add value to your jeep, all you need to do is follow the simple steps stated in this article.

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